Business Loan FAQ

What kind of business are eligible for the Business Loan program?

Most business that have been open a year or more can qualify for a Business Loan. As long as you have a separate business checking account.

What documents do you need from me for your application?

  1. Application completed and signed by principles/owners
  2. 3 months most recent credit card processing statements (all pages)
  3. 3 months most recent bank statements(all pages)
  4. Copy Business license
  5. Photo of the principles/owners Driver’s License
  6. Copy of voided business check lender will use to ACH transfer your funding to

Additional documentation may be required for a larger business funding or exceptions requested.

How soon will I know if I am approved?

In most cases your approval will be delivered in one business day.

How do I pay you back?

An ACH weekly or daily debit from your authorized business checking account. We will inform you of your exact payment amount, and our on-line loan management portal allows you to monitor the activity.

Do I need to change my credit card processor?

There is no need to change your credit card processor.

How do I receive my funds?

Typically, we wire transfer the money directly to your business checking account.

If I need additional funds, does my account have to be paid in full?

Once you have successfully repaid 50% of the principal of your loan, you are eligible to apply for a renewal.

Can I repay the Business Loan at any time without penalty charges?

Absolutely! You can always pay off your remaining balance on the loan at any time without penalty charges.