At Sun Funding Solutions, we take a different approach to unsecured small business loans. We never require collateral like many bank loans. And we can quickly tailor a solution to help you through your cash shortage whether you accept credit cards, or whether you are cash and check business only.

In our opinion, a FICO score does not determine who you are, what your credit potential is, or whether you are in need of help. Sun Funding Solutions,LLC takes a holistic approach to lending. We consider you as an individual, as business manager or owner, and many other intrinsic characteristics that make you a good credit risk.

Unlike most lending institutions, our loan decisions are made rapidly – generally within two business days after the requested documentation is submitted and you could have your funds within five business days!

Loan Size                 $10,000 up to $750,000

Terms                        3 – 18 Months Business Financing Terms

Payment                  Fixed Daily Payments